Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thoughts on the 2006 Arkansas Film Cineposium in Little Rock

Well I got back from the Film Cineposium Sunday night and let me tell ya it was quite an eye opener for me. Jeff Seckendorf is a DP who has work with some of the Hollywood finest for more than 20 years. His prefered medium is 35mm film. I can't blame him, it produces great images and like he said the tape based formats will probably not be around 100 years from now, but we'll always have a lense and a light bulb. As far a tape based systems go however, he would use nothing less than the Panasonic DVX100 or HVX200 series of cameras. You can see some sample clips from the films he worked on at his website at snaproll and you can check out his audio training books at oneononefilmtraining. You can also check out his award-winning short film: The Crux at the crux movie.



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