Thursday, February 09, 2006

Film Club meeting and MUG meeting

Went to the first MUG (Mac User Group) meeting of the semester. It was pretty cool, we went over all the announcements at Mac World which most of us already knew about. I think we have a meeting next Tuesday so more stuff to come from the house that Apple built. At the Film Club meeting this week, NOTHING happened, one of our memeber is working on a short titled "Vacation" but he's still working out technical difficulties and isn't read to cast yet so we'll see. I can't wait for Montage to get released so I can start writing "Nicole" as well as various other shorts I have in mind. I also got ILife '06 so I'm thinking about a new website for Dusk till Dawn Productions. Most likely it will be done with iWeb, since its simple to do. I can hardly wait for Apple to release its next Ipod, as well as for Nintendo to release its DS lite, and I want a new Intel iMac so bad. Hopefully the spring will be nice to me and I can get all these things before the fall semester.


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