Monday, February 27, 2006

Apple to hold a special event on Feb. 28th, 2006

I very excited about tomorrow, Tuesday Feb. 26th, 'cause Apple is holding another "special event". I hope they have a lot of new Ipod announcements. Like a new true video Ipod. I want a new one, not there's anything wrong with the one I've got. Its just that its an old 3G"touch-wheel" model, with absolutely no video support or even photos. I will be suprised if there are not Ipod announcements tomorrow.

First time using the Google Blogger widget for Mac OSX "TIger"

Ok this is the first post using Google' blogger widget in Mac OS X "Tiger".  Right now it seems as if some of the words are unreadable, but it may be a issue with the widget.  Other than that, a quick and easy way to post to my blog.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Film Club meeting and MUG meeting

Went to the first MUG (Mac User Group) meeting of the semester. It was pretty cool, we went over all the announcements at Mac World which most of us already knew about. I think we have a meeting next Tuesday so more stuff to come from the house that Apple built. At the Film Club meeting this week, NOTHING happened, one of our memeber is working on a short titled "Vacation" but he's still working out technical difficulties and isn't read to cast yet so we'll see. I can't wait for Montage to get released so I can start writing "Nicole" as well as various other shorts I have in mind. I also got ILife '06 so I'm thinking about a new website for Dusk till Dawn Productions. Most likely it will be done with iWeb, since its simple to do. I can hardly wait for Apple to release its next Ipod, as well as for Nintendo to release its DS lite, and I want a new Intel iMac so bad. Hopefully the spring will be nice to me and I can get all these things before the fall semester.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thoughts on the 2006 Arkansas Film Cineposium in Little Rock

Well I got back from the Film Cineposium Sunday night and let me tell ya it was quite an eye opener for me. Jeff Seckendorf is a DP who has work with some of the Hollywood finest for more than 20 years. His prefered medium is 35mm film. I can't blame him, it produces great images and like he said the tape based formats will probably not be around 100 years from now, but we'll always have a lense and a light bulb. As far a tape based systems go however, he would use nothing less than the Panasonic DVX100 or HVX200 series of cameras. You can see some sample clips from the films he worked on at his website at snaproll and you can check out his audio training books at oneononefilmtraining. You can also check out his award-winning short film: The Crux at the crux movie.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Arkansas Film Cineposium 2006

Its time for the Arkansas Film Cineposium again... this time I'm going since its still free. Hope its worth my time. I guess I see. This means that the UA Film Club is starting to hold regular meetings again and we've got some pretty cool projects lined up for the Spring 2006 semester. If I'm wrong about the Cineposium I'll have learned and will probably just go to a Videomaker workshop or on their Carribean videomaking cruise that they hold twice a year.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

What Didn't Steve Jobs Say during Macworld keynote

In this news article the author states that Steve Jobs didn't announce products that should have been at Macworld, products and updates that were expected and that Apple was eager to announce. Will he announce something new before WWDC? We'll see.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Thoughts on iLife '06

Ok, I just been listening to the MacCast episode #114 for 1/12/06. In this MacCast Adam talks about the MacWorld '06 keynote, he was reviewing iLife '06 and he seems to really like it Check it out at More news to come soon!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Comments on the Steve Jobs Keynote at MacWorld

Ok the keynote is over, to be honest I thought it was somewhat lack luster this year. To start off with no Ipod updates (80Gb video Ipod, Ipod shuffle or otherwise). Second, the Ipod FM transmitter thing, not very inpressive. Griffin Technology already has the iFM, and it comes in black, match the new Nano and Ipod with video. I'm surprised that the Intel annoucement was not bigger, ie: what models where going Intel after the iMac and MacBook Pro. The iLife apps look promising, however I'm not planning on upgrading until OS 10.5 "Leopard" is released. I just wish we had seen some more Ipod announcements or Front Row, which was released with the new and last iMac G5. As a stand alone app. Hopefully Apple has some more great suprises like the iMac G5, Ipod with video, and Ipod Nano, waiting to be released later this Spring, before WWDC in June.

I'm out!